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yt :
You there?

What does yt mean?

yt means "You there?"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "yt"

2nyt :
a3 :
anyplace, anywhere, anytime
alaytm :
as long as you tell me
alryt :
ama :
ask me anything
ayt :
are you there
ayte :
aytf :
are you there f**ker
ayty :
are you there yet
bytabm :
beat you to a bloody mess
bytch :
cyt :
see you tomorrow
dbeyr :
don't believe everything you read
dyt :
Don't you think
dyth :
d**n You To Hell
Idkwtfytb :
I dont know what the f**k you're talking about
errythang :
errythin :
evrytin :
fytd :
f**k you to death
gmtyt :
good morning to you too
gpytfaht :
gladly pay you tuesday for a hamburger today
gwytose :
go waste your time on someone else
heyt :
iwythmb :
i want you to have my baby
iydhantsdsaaa :
If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all
ilyt :
i love you too
ilyttmab :
i love you to the moon and back
lyt :
love you too
nefing :
nethin :
nething :
nttawwt :
Not that there is anything wrong with that
nttiawwt :
Not that there is anything wrong with that.
pyt :
pretty young thing
ryt :
ryte :
shyt :
syt :
see you there
sytycd :
so you think you can dance
ttyt :
talk to you tomorrow
ttytm :
talk to you tomorrow
ttytt :
to tell you the truth
tyfyt :
Thank you for your time
tyt :
take your time
tyto :
take your top off
tyty :
thank you thank you
wayt :
What are you thinking?
wayta :
what are you talking about
wdyt :
what do you think
wdytia :
who do you think i am?
witwwyt :
what in the world were you thinking
wmytic :
What makes you think I care
wtfayt :
why the f**k are you talking
wtfayta :
What the f**k are you talking about?
wwyt :
What were you thinking
yt :
You there?
ytd :
year to date
ytf :
why the f**k
ytfwudt :
why the f**k would you do that?
ythwudt :
Why the hell would you do that
ytis :
You think I'm special?
ytm :
you tell me
ytmnd :
You're the man now, dog!
yty :
why thank you

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