Definition & Meaning of "HEYT"

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heyt :

Usage of HEYT

The abbreviation 'HEYT' is used in texting to mean 'hate'. It is a quick and easy way to express strong dislike for someone or something without having to type out the entire word. It is important to remember that using abbreviations like this can sometimes be misunderstood, so it's best to use it with people who are familiar with the abbreviation.

Example 1 (of HEYT used in texting):
HEYT that movie last night. It was so boring!

Example 2 (of HEYT used in texting):
I HEYT how long it takes to get to work in the morning.

Example 3 (of HEYT used in texting):
My ex-boyfriend? Yeah, I definitely HEYT him now.

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heyt :

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