Definition & Meaning of "AYT"

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ayt :
are you there

Usage of AYT

The abbreviation AYT is commonly used in texting and stands for 'are you there'. It is used to ask if the person you are texting is available or present to respond to the message. This abbreviation is especially useful when you need a quick response or confirmation from someone but do not want to type out the entire phrase.

Examples of AYT used in texting:

1) Hey, wanted to know if you're still down for a movie tonight? AYT?
2) Can you send me the link to that website we were talking about earlier? AYT so I can bookmark it.
3) Just checking in, AYT? Haven't heard from you in a while!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ayt"

alaytm :
as long as you tell me
ayt :
are you there
ayte :
aytf :
are you there f**ker
ayty :
are you there yet
wayt :
What are you thinking?
wayta :
what are you talking about
wtfayt :
why the f**k are you talking
wtfayta :
What the f**k are you talking about?

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