Definition & Meaning of "YS"

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ys :
you suck

Usage of YS

In texting, the abbreviation 'YS' is commonly used to mean 'you suck'. This phrase is often used as an insult to express frustration or disappointment toward someone's actions, behavior or performance. It is a dismissive and disrespectful term used to show that someone is considered inferior or inadequate.

Examples of YS used in texting:
1. Example of YS used in texting: "I can't believe you flaked on me again, YS."
2. Example of YS used in texting: "Your presentation was terrible, YS."
3. Example of YS used in texting: "I asked you to clean your room and you didn't, YS."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ys"

aoys :
angel on your shoulder
ays :
are you serious
aysm :
are you shitting me?
ayst :
are you still there
byself :
by myself
Check Your Settings
gfys :
go f**k yourself
gkys :
Go kill yourself
h2sys :
hope to see you soon
hlysht :
Holy s**t
icbyst :
i cant believe you said that
iduatys :
I didn't understand a thing you said
ihysm :
I hate you so much
ihysmrn :
i hate you so much right now
ilys :
i love you sexy
Ilysb :
I love you so bad
ilysfm :
i love you so f**king much
ilysfmb :
i love you so f**king much baby
ilysm :
i love you so much
ilysmih :
i love you so much it hurts
ilysmm :
i love you so much more
ilysmt :
I love you so much too
ilysmydek :
I Love You So Much You Don't Even Know
ilysvm :
i love you so very much
imysfm :
i miss you so f**king much
itys :
i told you so
Iwtfysbrn :
I want to f**k you so bad right now
iyss :
if you say so
iyswim :
if you see what I mean
jtysk :
just thought you should know
kys :
kill yourself
lysfm :
love you so f**king much
lysm :
love you so much
mysm :
Miss you so much
myspce :
neways :
nigysob :
now I've got you son of a b***h
oways :
oh wow are you serious
Pmoys :
Put me on your story
rys :
are you single
stfuysoab :
shut the f**k up you son of a b***h
stys :
speak to you soon
sys :
see you soon
sysadmin :
system administrator
sysop :
system operator
ttys :
talk to you soon
twys :
Talk With You Soon
tys :
Told You So
tysfm :
thank you so f**king much
tysm :
thank you so much
tysvm :
thank you so very much
waysttm :
why are you still talking to me
waysw :
Why are you so weird
wdys :
What did you say
wys :
wow you're stupid
wysiayg :
what you see is all you get
wysitwirl :
what you see is totally worthless in real life
wysiwyg :
what you see is what you get
ys :
you suck
ysa :
You Suck Ass
ysal :
you suck at life
ysati :
you suck at the internet
ysf :
you stupid f**k
ysic :
why should I care
ysitm :
your shirt is too small
ysk :
you should know
ysm :
you scare me
ysoab :
You son of a b***h
yss :
you stupid s**t
Ystrdy :
ysw :
you're so welcome
yswnt :
why sleep when not tired?
yysw :
yeah, yeah, sure, whatever

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