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ys :
you suck

What does ys mean?

ys means "you suck"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ys"

a&f :
always and forever
aatf :
always and totally forever
aiadw :
aimmc :
Am I making myself clear
alotbsol :
always look on the bright side of life
anw :
anywaz :
aoys :
angel on your shoulder
ays :
are you serious
aysm :
are you shitting me?
ayst :
are you still there
bffa :
best friends for always
bffaa :
Best Friends Forever And Always
bma :
best mates always
bogsatt :
bunch of guys sitting around the table
bsmfh :
b*****d System Manager From Hell
byself :
by myself
cms :
content management system
cotm :
check out this myspace
ctm :
chuckle to myself
dns :
Domain Name System
f4eaa :
friends forever and always
faa :
forever and always
gfys :
go f**k yourself
gkys :
Go kill yourself
gtm :
giggling to myself
h2sys :
hope to see you soon
hlysht :
Holy s**t
icbyst :
i cant believe you said that
ihysm :
I hate you so much
ihysmrn :
i hate you so much right now
ijpms :
I just pissed myself
ilygsm :
i love you guys so much
ilys :
i love you sexy
Ilysb :
I love you so bad
ilysfm :
i love you so f**king much
ilysfmb :
i love you so f**king much baby
ilysm :
i love you so much
ilysmih :
i love you so much it hurts
ilysmm :
i love you so much more
ilysmydek :
I Love You So Much You Don't Even Know
ilysvm :
i love you so very much
imysfm :
i miss you so f**king much
itys :
i told you so
iyss :
if you say so
iyswim :
if you see what I mean
jtysk :
just thought you should know
kml :
Killing Myself Laughing
kmsl :
killing myself laughing
kmswl :
killing myself with laughter
kys :
kill yourself
l2ms :
laughing to myself
lmaowtntpm :
laughing my ass off whilst trying not to piss myself
lpiaw :
Large Penis is always welcome
lq2m :
laughing quietly to myself
lqtm :
Laugh quietly to myself
lqtms :
Laughing quietly to myself
lrqtms :
laughing really quietly to myself
lshiwms :
laughing so hard I wet myself
ltmq :
Laugh To Myself Quietly
lya :
love you always
lylaba :
love you like a brother always
lylasa :
love you like a sister always
lysfm :
love you so f**king much
lysm :
love you so much
mcse :
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
miself :
mysm :
Miss you so much
myspce :
n/r :
No replys
nes :
Nintendo Entertainment System
newais :
neways :
newayz :
newez :
nigysob :
now I've got you son of a b***h
ofwg :
old fat white guys
omdz :
Oh My Days
omfd :
oh my f**king days
os :
operating system
oways :
oh wow are you serious
pml :
pissing myself laughing
pmsfl :
Pissed Myself f**king Laughing
psn :
playstation netwok
psp :
playstation portable
qltm :
quietly laughing to myself
roflmiaha :
Rolling on the floor laughing myself into a heart attack
rofpml :
rolling on the floor pissing myself laughing
rotfpm :
rolling on the floor pissing myself
rys :
are you single
sez :
sgtm :
slightly gigling to myself
snes :
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
soad :
system of a down
sqtm :
snickering quietly to myself
ssia :
subject says it all
stfuysoab :
shut the f**k up you son of a b***h
stm :
smiling to myself
stys :
speak to you soon
sys :
see you soon
sysop :
system operator
dtg :
Days To Go
[email protected] :
the monkeys are at it again
toya :
thinking of you always
ttms :
talking to myself
ttys :
talk to you soon
twys :
Talk With You Soon
tys :
Told You So
tysfm :
thank you so f**king much
tysm :
thank you so much
tysvm :
thank you so very much
ulbom :
you looked better on myspace
waysttm :
why are you still talking to me
waysw :
Why are you so weird
wdys :
What did you say
wys :
wow you're stupid
wysiayg :
what you see is all you get
wysitwirl :
what you see is totally worthless in real life
wysiwyg :
what you see is what you get
ys :
you suck
ysa :
You Suck Ass
ysal :
you suck at life
ysati :
you suck at the internet
ysf :
you stupid f**k
ysic :
why should I care
ysitm :
your shirt is too small
ysk :
you should know
ysm :
you scare me
ysoab :
You son of a b***h
yss :
you stupid s**t
Ystrdy :
yswnt :
why sleep when not tired?
yysw :
yeah, yeah, sure, whatever

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