Definition & Meaning of "H2SYS"

What does h2sys mean? View the definition of h2sys and all related slang terms containing h2sys below:

h2sys :
hope to see you soon

Usage of H2SYS

The abbreviation H2SYS is used in texting as a colloquial way to say 'hope to see you soon'. It is mostly used as a cordial farewell message or a message expressing anticipation for a future meeting. The 'h2' in the abbreviation stands for 'hope to' and 'sys' stands for 'see you soon'. This abbreviation is widely used among friends and families who are frequently separated by distances and are hopeful to see each other soon.

Examples of H2SYS used in texting:

1. Hey Jane, it was great meeting you today! H2SYS. (Example of H2SYS used as a farewell message after meeting someone)

2. I had so much fun on our date last night, Jack! H2SYS! (Example of H2SYS used to express anticipation for the next date)

3. Good luck with your exams, Mark! Let's catch up after they're over. H2SYS. (Example of H2SYS used to express hope for a future meeting)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "h2sys"

h2sys :
hope to see you soon

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