Definition & Meaning of "YSA"

What does ysa mean? View the definition of ysa and all related slang terms containing ysa below:

ysa :
You Suck Ass

Usage of YSA

The abbreviation 'YSA' is a derogatory term that has gained popularity among texters. It stands for 'You Suck Ass' and is used to express disgust or disapproval towards a person or their actions. This abbreviation is considered offensive and should be used with caution.

Example of YSA used in texting:
1. Text message from Sam to Alex: "I can't believe you forgot my birthday, YSA!"
2. Text message from Emily to her friend: "Did you hear that Jenny cheated on her boyfriend? YSA, she's such a terrible person."
3. Text message from Jake to his sister: "You promised to help me with my homework, but you bailed on me. YSA!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ysa"

sysadmin :
system administrator
ysa :
You Suck Ass
ysal :
you suck at life
ysati :
you suck at the internet

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