Definition & Meaning of "IDUATYS"

What does iduatys mean? View the definition of iduatys and all related slang terms containing iduatys below:

iduatys :
I didn't understand a thing you said

Usage of IDUATYS

The abbreviation IDUATYS is used as an expression to convey that the message was unclear or difficult to comprehend. It is often used in texting when one fails to comprehend the meaning behind another person's text message or when they find someone's message to be completely confusing. In this way, it is a polite way of saying "I didn't understand a thing you said."

Examples of IDUATYS used in texting:

1. Friend: "Hey, I was thinking we could grab some pizza tonight?"
You: "Sorry, IDUATYS."

2. Colleague: "I'm going to need that report by EOD."
You: "Sorry, IDUATYS. Can you clarify which report?"

3. Family member: "The thingamajigamabob should go in the whatchamacallit."
You: "Sorry, IDUATYS. Can you rephrase that?"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "iduatys"

iduatys :
I didn't understand a thing you said

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