Definition & Meaning of "PO"

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po :
piss off

Usage of PO

The abbreviation 'PO' is a slang term that means to piss off or go away. It is considered impolite and offensive by many people, especially in formal situations or around people you don't know well. The abbreviation is commonly used in informal text messages or online chats, and it is often used to express annoyance, frustration, or anger with someone. It is important to use this term carefully and with respect for others' feelings.

Examples of PO used in texting:

1. Friend 1: Hey, can you come over and help me with my math homework?
Friend 2: Sorry, I'm busy. PO.

2. Person 1: Ugh, I can't believe I have to work all weekend.
Person 2: Yeah, that sucks. PO.

3. Group chat:
Person 1: Did anyone see the latest episode of that show?
Person 2: No, I haven't watched it yet. PO.
Person 3: Same here. PO.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "po"

apoc :
apod :
Another Point Of Discussion
bipoc :
Black, Indigenous, and people of color
bpot :
big pair of tits
ctpos :
Can't Talk Parent Over Sholder
cwtgypo :
can't wait to get your panties off
doypov :
depends on your point of view
dttpou :
Don't tell the police on us
fpos :
f**king piece of s**t
gdmfpos :
god damn mother f**king piece of s**t
gypo :
Get Your Penis Out
hpoa :
Hot Piece of Ass
impo :
In My Personal Opinion
impov :
in my point of view
intpftpotm :
I nominate this post for the post of the month
Kpop :
Korean Popular Music
lmfpo :
laughing my f**king p***y off
lmpo :
laughing my panties off
lttpot :
laughing to the point of tears
po :
piss off
po po :
po'd :
pissed off
pob :
parent over back
poc :
Piece of crap
poed :
pissed off
poets :
piss off early, tomorrow's Saturday
pog :
play of the game
poi :
point of interest
Pics or it didn't happen
poidnh :
Pics or it did not happen
pol :
parent over looking
poms :
parent over my shoulder
poo :
poontang :
female genitalia
pooter :
popo :
poq :
Piss Off Quick
pos :
Parent Over Shoulder
poscs :
parents over sholder change subject
posmbri :
parent over shoulder might be reading it
potc :
pirates of the caribbean
pots :
Plain Old Telephone Service
pov :
point of view
pow :
prisoner of war
ppor :
post proof or recant
rpo :
royally pissed off
s'pose :
smfpos :
stupid mother f**king piece of s**t
spos :
stupid peace of s**t
supposably :
typo :
typing mistake
upos :
you piece of s**t
ydpos :
you dumb piece of s**t
ypom :
your place or mine
ywapom :
you want a piece of me?

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