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pos :
Parent Over Shoulder

What does pos mean?

pos means "Parent Over Shoulder"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "pos"

aeap :
as early as possible
aqap :
as quick as possible
asafp :
as soon as f**king possible
asap :
as soon as possible
atop :
at time of posting
attotp :
At The Time Of This Post
ctpos :
Can't Talk Parent Over Sholder
dndp :
Do not double post
flamer :
angry poster
fp :
first post
fpos :
f**king piece of s**t
fyp :
fixed your post
gdmfpos :
god d**n mother f**king piece of s**t
iawtp :
I agree with this post
icp :
insane clown posse
ijp :
Internet job posting
intpftpotm :
I nominate this post for the post of the month
motos :
member of the opposite sex
o.p. :
Original Poster
pos :
Parent Over Shoulder
poscs :
parents over sholder change subject
posmbri :
parent over shoulder might be reading it
ppor :
post proof or recant
qpwd :
quit posting while drunk
rtfp :
read the f**king post
s'pose :
smfpos :
stupid mother f**king piece of s**t
spos :
stupid peace of s**t
supposably :
tpiwwp :
this post is worthless without pictures
upos :
you piece of s**t
ydpos :
you dumb piece of s**t

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