Definition & Meaning of "FPOS"

What does fpos mean? View the definition of fpos and all related slang terms containing fpos below:

fpos :
f**king piece of s**t

Usage of FPOS

The abbreviation FPOS is a vulgar slang expression used to describe something or someone as extremely low quality, worthless or incompetent. It is often used to convey frustration, anger or disappointment towards a person, object or situation that has caused inconvenience or annoyance. This abbreviation is considered highly offensive and should only be used in informal settings, if at all.

Examples of FPOS used in texting:

1. "Can you believe my phone died again? This FPOS is driving me insane!"
2. "My ex just texted me asking for money. FPOS, I'm so done with him."
3. "I failed my final exam because of my FPOS professor who never taught us anything properly."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "fpos"

fpos :
f**king piece of s**t
gdmfpos :
god damn mother f**king piece of s**t
smfpos :
stupid mother f**king piece of s**t

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