Definition & Meaning of "POQ"

What does poq mean? View the definition of poq and all related slang terms containing poq below:

poq :
Piss Off Quick

Usage of POQ

The abbreviation POQ is considered a rude way of telling someone to leave or go away quickly. It's often used to express annoyance or anger with someone who is bothering or irritating you. It can also be used playfully among friends, but it's important to use it with caution and only in appropriate situations.

Examples of POQ used in texting:
1. Text message to a friend: "Hey, can you come pick me up from the party? This guy won't stop hitting on me and I just want to POQ."
2. Text message to a coworker: "Can you please stop interrupting me during meetings? It's really unprofessional and making me want to POQ."
3. Text message to a sibling: "I'm hanging out with my friends tonight, so POQ and give me some space for once."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "poq"

poq :
Piss Off Quick

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