Definition & Meaning of "POG"

What does pog mean? View the definition of pog and all related slang terms containing pog below:

pog :
play of the game

Usage of POG

The term 'POG' is an abbreviation for play of the game. Usually used in gaming circles, POG refers to a moment in a game where a player performs exceptionally well, pulling off an impressive move, or making a significant impact on the game's outcome. POG is a common term in multiplayer games, where players often compete against each other to see who can produce the best POG. In essence, POG is a way for gamers to celebrate an exceptional in-game moment.

Examples of POG used in texting:

1. "Dude, did you see that sniper shot? It was totally POG!"
2. "I just got a triple kill with one grenade. That's definitely POG-worthy."
3. "That was the best match I've played all week. Let's watch the replay and see who gets the POG."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "pog"

pog :
play of the game

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