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supposably :


SUPPOSABLY is an informal English term that is used to mean "supposedly" or "ostensibly". It is often used to describe something that is believed to be true or factual but may not necessarily be so. For example, one might say "The results of the study were SUPPOSABLY inconclusive," meaning that the results were believed to be inconclusive but might not be entirely accurate.

Examples of SUPPOSABLY used in texting:

1. I heard that John SUPPOSABLY got into Harvard, but I don't believe it until I see the acceptance letter. (Example of SUPPOSABLY used in texting)
2. The new restaurant in town SUPPOSABLY has the best pizza ever, so let's go check it out tonight. (Example of SUPPOSABLY used in texting)
3. My roommate said she cleaned the kitchen, but there are still dishes in the sink, so I'm SUPPOSABLY not convinced. (Example of SUPPOSABLY used in texting)

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supposably :

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