Definition & Meaning of "POMS"

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poms :
parent over my shoulder

Usage of POMS

POMS is a commonly used abbreviation in texting that stands for "parent over my shoulder". It is used to alert the person on the other end of the conversation that they may need to be careful about what they say or how they say it, as there is a possibility that a parent is nearby and could overhear the conversation. This abbreviation is especially useful for teenagers who are texting with friends and want to make sure that their parents do not get upset about something they are discussing.

Examples of POMS used in texting:
1. Hey, I can't talk right now, got POMS. Will text you back later.
2. POMS, can't really say much right now. What's up?
3. Let's talk later, don't want to risk POMS right now.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "poms"

poms :
parent over my shoulder

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