Definition & Meaning of "PPOR"

What does ppor mean? View the definition of ppor and all related slang terms containing ppor below:

ppor :
post proof or recant

Usage of PPOR

The abbreviation PPOR is a shorthand way of saying "post proof or recant". It is often used in online discussions or arguments when someone makes a claim or statement that others find questionable or false. The person who uses PPOR is essentially asking the other party to either provide evidence to back up their claim, or to retract their statement if they are unable to do so.

Examples of PPOR used in texting:

1. Person A: "I heard that aliens have been living among us for years."
Person B: "Uh, PPOR. Where's your evidence for that?"

2. Person A: "My cousin's friend's sister's boyfriend is a famous celebrity."
Person B: "That sounds pretty unlikely. Can you PPOR?"

3. Person A: "I have a million dollars in the bank."
Person B: "Really? I'm going to need you to PPOR on that one."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ppor"

ppor :
post proof or recant

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