Definition & Meaning of "OD"

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od :
over dose

Usage of OD

The abbreviation 'OD' stands for 'over dose', which refers to taking too much of a substance, medication, or drug. An overdose can have serious, and sometimes deadly, consequences. It is important to take medications according to the prescribed dosage and seek medical attention immediately if an overdose is suspected.

Examples of OD used in texting:
1. "I think my friend OD'd on pills last night, we had to rush him to the hospital." (Example of OD used to describe a drug overdose)
2. "I accidentally OD'd on caffeine this morning and now I can't stop shaking." (Example of OD used to describe taking too much of a substance)
3. "I'm worried my little brother might OD on his allergy meds if he keeps taking them every hour." (Example of OD used to describe a potential overdose).

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "od"

apod :
Another Point Of Discussion
bsod :
blue screen of death
cod :
Call of Duty
cod4 :
call of duty 4
cod5 :
call of duty 5
codbo :
Call of Duty: Black Ops
codbo2 :
Call of Duty: Black Ops II
code 29 :
moderator is watching
code 8 :
parents are watching
code 9 :
Parents are watching
code9 :
other people near by
cood :
dod :
Day of Defeat
dood :
doodz :
drood :
eabod :
eat a bag of dicks
eod :
End of day
fsod :
frosn screen of death
gmod :
Global Moderator
good9 :
hodl :
mlod :
mega laugh out loud of doom
myodb :
mind your own damn business
noodz :
nude pictures
od :
over dose
oday :
software illegally obtained before it was released
odg :
oh dear God
odtaa :
one damn thing after another
prod :
rodger :
SaBoD :
Suck a Bag of Dicks
uctaodnt :
you can't teach an old dog new tricks
whodi :
yodo :
you only die once

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