Definition & Meaning of "NFT"

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nft :
no further text

Usage of NFT

The abbreviation 'NFT' stands for 'no further text' and is commonly used in texting to indicate that the sender has nothing more to say or that the conversation has come to an end. This abbreviation is often used to prevent any confusion or misunderstanding in a conversation.

Examples of NFT used in texting:
1. Person 1: Hey, can you pick me up from work?
Person 2: Sure, what time should I be there?
Person 1: 5 pm. Thanks!
Person 2: Okay, got it. NFT.

2. Person 1: Did you hear about the party this weekend?
Person 2: No, what party?
Person 1: It's at Sarah's house on Saturday. You should come!
Person 2: Sounds fun! What time should I show up?
Person 1: Around 8 pm. See you there!
Person 2: Alright, I'll be there. NFT.

3. Person 1: Hey, are you free to grab lunch today?
Person 2: Sorry, I have a meeting at noon.
Person 1: No problem, maybe we can reschedule for next week?
Person 2: Sounds good. I'll check my calendar and let you know. NFT.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "nft"

nft :
no further text

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