Definition & Meaning of "MYODB"

What does myodb mean? View the definition of myodb and all related slang terms containing myodb below:

myodb :
mind your own damn business

Usage of MYODB

The abbreviation MYODB is a slang phrase that means someone should focus on their own concerns and stop interfering in someone else's personal affairs. It is often used as a warning or a rebuke to those who pry into other people's lives without invitation. The use of "mind your own damn business" is often considered strong language and may come across as offensive or confrontational.

Examples of MYODB used in texting:
1. Friend 1: "Hey, did you hear what happened with Sarah's relationship?"
Friend 2: "MYODB, it's not your place to discuss her private life."
(Example of MYODB used to remind someone to respect someone else's privacy)
2. Person 1: "You should really start eating healthier and working out."
Person 2: "MYODB, I appreciate your concern but my health is my business."
(Example of MYODB used to establish boundaries and ask for privacy)
3. Co-worker 1: "Why did you get a promotion? I've been here longer than you."
Co-worker 2: "MYODB, my work performance is not up for debate."
(Example of MYODB used to shut down unwelcome questions or hostility)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "myodb"

myodb :
mind your own damn business

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