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rodger :

Usage of RODGER

In radio communication, pilots and air traffic controllers use standard aviation phrases to maintain clear communication. One such phrase is ‘Roger’ which is used to acknowledge that a message has been received and understood. The abbreviation ‘RODGER’ is a misspelling of ‘Roger’, but has become popular in texting and informal communication.

Examples of RODGER used in texting:
1. Person A: "Hey, did you get the email I sent?"
Person B: "RODGER that, I received it."

2. Person A: "Are you free for dinner tonight?"
Person B: "Negative, sorry. I have plans already."
Person A: "RODGER, no worries."

3. Person A: "I think we should meet at noon."
Person B: "RODGER that, I'll see you at noon."

Examples of RODGER used in texting

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rodger :

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