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code9 :
other people near by

Usage of CODE9

CODE9 is an abbreviation used in texting to indicate the presence of other people nearby. This is a helpful code to use when you need to communicate secretly about something or if you want to warn somebody that they should be careful about what they say or do. By using CODE9, you can avoid drawing attention to yourself and keep your conversation private.

Example 1: Hi, I'm at the library studying but there's CODE9 so I don't want to talk loudly. Let's catch up later.

Example 2: Hey, I'm at the mall but CODE9 so I can't call you right now. Can we chat later?

Example 3: I'm at work and there's CODE9 around my desk, so let's communicate through text instead of calling to avoid suspicion.

Examples of CODE9 used in texting

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "code9"

code9 :
other people near by

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