Definition & Meaning of "LOL"

What does lol mean? View the definition of lol and all related slang terms containing lol below:

lol :
laughing out loud

Usage of LOL

LOL stands for laughing out loud. It is an abbreviation that is used in the virtual world such as online chatting, texting and emails, to show that the writer is laughing at something humorous. It is a quick way to communicate that something has made the writer smile or chuckle.

Sample text messages using LOL

1. Hey, did you hear the news? LOL!
2. That joke was hilarious! LOL
3. My dog did something hilarious this morning. LOL!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "lol"

alol :
actually laughing out loud
jklol :
Just Kidding Laughing Out Loud
lalol :
lots and lots of laughs
llol :
literally laughing out loud
lol :
laughing out loud
lol'd :
laughed out loud
lol2u :
Laugh out loud to you
lol@u :
Laugh out loud at you
lolarotf :
laughing out loud and rolling on the floor
lolaw :
laugh out loud at work
lolbs :
laugh out loud but seriously
Lolbvs :
Laughing out loud but very serious
lolcano :
laugh out loud
lolci :
laughing out loud, crying inside
lolcity :
the whole city laughs out loud
lold :
laughed out loud
loled :
Laughed out loud
lolees :
laugh out loud
lolerz :
laugh out loud
lolf :
lots of love forever
lolin :
laughing out loud
lolio :
laugh out loud I own
lollam :
Laughing Out Loud Like A Maniac
lollercaust :
an extreme event of hilarity
lollercoaster :
laugh out loud (a lot)
lollerskates :
laughing out loud
lolm :
laugh out loud man
lolmao :
laughing out loud laugh my ass off
loln :
laught out loud... not
lolngs :
laghing out loud never gonna stop
lolocost :
laugh out loud
lolol :
saying "lol" out loud
lololz :
laugh out loud
lolpimp :
Laughing out loud peeing in my pants
lolq :
laugh out loud quietly
lolrof :
Laughing out loud while rolling on the floor.
lolrotf :
laughing out loud rolling on the floor
lols :
laugh out loud
lolvq :
laugh out loud very quietly
lolwtime :
laughing out loud with tears in my eyes
lolz :
laugh out loud
Lolzies :
Laughing out loud
otflol :
on the floor laughing out loud
rofalol :
roll on the floor and laugh out loud
roflol :
rolling on floor laughing out loud
roflolbag :
Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud Busting A Gut
rotfalol :
roll on the floor and laugh out loud
rotflol :
rolling on the floor laughing out loud
steamloller :
Laughing. Alot.
tolol :
thinking of laughing out loud

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