Definition & Meaning of "LOLN"

What does loln mean? View the definition of loln and all related slang terms containing loln below:

loln :
laught out loud... not

Usage of LOLN

The abbreviation LOLN is a sarcastic way of expressing that something wasn't actually funny, despite the initial indication of laughter. It's a subtle way of saying "I'm not actually laughing out loud, but nice try". This abbreviation is often used in informal conversation, particularly in online chat or messaging. It adds a lighthearted tone to the conversation and helps avoid any awkwardness that might come with not finding a joke humorous.

Example of LOLN used in texting:

1) Friend: Did you hear about the restaurant called Karma?
Me: No, what about it?
Friend: There's no menu – you just get what you deserve.
Me: LOLN, that's terrible.

2) Crush: Hi, what's up?
Me: Nothing much, you?
Crush: Just thinking about how cute you looked today.
Me: LOLN, okay sure.

3) Parent: I tried to learn how to play video games to bond with you.
Me: LOLN, that's cute but it's not really my thing.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "loln"

loln :
laught out loud... not
lolngs :
laghing out loud never gonna stop

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