Definition & Meaning of "LOLCI"

What does lolci mean? View the definition of lolci and all related slang terms containing lolci below:

lolci :
laughing out loud, crying inside

Usage of LOLCI

The abbreviation LOLCI is commonly used in texting and online conversations to describe a situation where someone is laughing out loud, but on the inside, they may be feeling sad or frustrated. The abbreviation is a way to express mixed emotions that can't be easily conveyed through words or facial expressions. It's often used to describe situations that are funny on the surface, but also carry some underlying sadness, disappointment, or other negative emotions.

Examples of LOLCI used in texting:

1. Friend 1: "I just spilled coffee all over my new shirt"
Friend 2: "LOLCI, that sucks"

2. Person 1: "I can't believe I ate an entire pizza by myself"
Person 2: "haha, LOLCI. That's impressive and concerning at the same time"

3. Friend 1: "My cat just knocked over my vase and shattered it into a million pieces"
Friend 2: "oh no! LOLCI, I hope you can clean it up without hurting yourself."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "lolci"

lolci :
laughing out loud, crying inside
lolcity :
the whole city laughs out loud

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