Definition & Meaning of "LOLIN"

What does lolin mean? View the definition of lolin and all related slang terms containing lolin below:

lolin :
laughing out loud

Usage of LOLIN

The term LOLIN is an abbreviation commonly used in texting to express that someone is laughing out loud. This phrase has become a popular way to show that the sender finds something particularly amusing. When someone uses LOLIN, they are typically indicating that they have found something funny enough to laugh out loud or at the very least grin. The abbreviation can also imply that the sender is amused by something, though not necessarily to the point of laughter.

Examples of LOLIN used in texting:

1) Hey, have you seen the latest video by that comedian? It's hilarious! LOLIN!
2) My friend just sent me the most ridiculous meme I have ever seen. I couldn't help but LOLIN!
3) I accidentally sent a text message to my boss that was meant for my friend. Fortunately, it was a harmless joke. My boss thankfully replied with "No worries, LOLIN!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "lolin"

lolin :
laughing out loud

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