Definition & Meaning of "LOLAROTF"

What does lolarotf mean? View the definition of lolarotf and all related slang terms containing lolarotf below:

lolarotf :
laughing out loud and rolling on the floor


The abbreviation "LOLAROTF" is an abbreviation that stands for "laughing out loud and rolling on the floor". It is used to indicate that something is extremely funny or humorous, causing the person to laugh uncontrollably and sometimes even roll on the floor laughing. LOLAROTF is often used in texts or social media posts where laughter and humor are being shared with friends and family.

Examples of LOLAROTF used in texting:
1. "That joke you just sent me was hilarious! LOLAROTF!"
2. "I can't stop watching this funny cat video! LOLAROTF!"
3. "My friend just tripped and fell on their face, it was so funny! LOLAROTF!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "lolarotf"

lolarotf :
laughing out loud and rolling on the floor

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