Definition & Meaning of "LOLVQ"

What does lolvq mean? View the definition of lolvq and all related slang terms containing lolvq below:

lolvq :
laugh out loud very quietly

Usage of LOLVQ

The abbreviation LOLVQ is used in texting to indicate that something is funny but the person finds it necessary to keep quiet about it. It could be that the person is in a public place or they don't want to disturb others around them. Laughing out loud very quietly means that the person is still amused but they aren't expressing their laughter the way they normally would when something is funny.

Examples of LOLVQ used in texting:
1. Friend: "I just saw a dog riding a skateboard!"
You: "LOLVQ, I'm at the library right now."
2. Mom: "Your dad just told the corniest joke ever."
You: "LOLVQ, I'm in a meeting with my boss."
3. Sibling: "You won't believe what just happened in class."
You: "LOLVQ, don't want to get detention for laughing out loud."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "lolvq"

lolvq :
laugh out loud very quietly

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