Definition & Meaning of "LOLIO"

What does lolio mean? View the definition of lolio and all related slang terms containing lolio below:

lolio :
laugh out loud I own

Usage of LOLIO

The abbreviation LOLIO is a combination of the commonly used abbreviation 'lol', which stands for 'laugh out loud', and the word 'own' which refers to possessing or having control over something. Therefore, the meaning of LOLIO is 'laugh out loud I own' or a statement of dominance or superiority in a situation that is humorous. It is often used in a sarcastic or joking manner to convey a sense of amusement or pleasure at one's own success or victory over another person.

Examples of LOLIO used in texting:
1. "Just aced my history exam, LOLIO!"
2. "My boss gave me the corner office, LOLIO!"
3. "I beat you at Mario Kart, LOLIO!"

These text messages show the use of LOLIO to express a sense of triumph or amusement at one's own success or accomplishment in a playful way. The use of the abbreviation adds humor and brevity to the message, making it more memorable and engaging for the reader.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "lolio"

lolio :
laugh out loud I own

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