Definition & Meaning of "LOLCITY"

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lolcity :
the whole city laughs out loud

Usage of LOLCITY

The phrase LOLCITY is an abbreviation for 'the whole city laughs out loud.' It is typically used to describe a situation where something is so funny that it causes everyone in the surrounding area to burst out laughing. This could be a humorous joke, a funny video, or perhaps an amusing incident that happened in public. The term is often used in texting as a shorthand way of describing a hilarious situation.

Examples of LOLCITY used in texting:

Person A: Did you see that video of the cat falling off the couch?
Person B: Yes, omg LOLCITY!

Person A: I can't believe what just happened in the meeting.
Person B: What happened?
Person A: John accidentally hit the projector screen with his pen and it rolled up like a window shade.
Person B: Hahahaha LOLCITY!

Person A: Guess what, I just got promoted!
Person B: Congrats!!! That's amazing! LOLCITY, I'm so happy for you!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "lolcity"

lolcity :
the whole city laughs out loud

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