Definition & Meaning of "ALOL"

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alol :
actually laughing out loud

Usage of ALOL

The abbreviation ALOL is used in texting to convey that someone is actually laughing out loud. This means that a person is not just typing 'lol' for the sake of it, but rather they are genuinely laughing. It's a way to express a higher level of amusement than just typing 'lol'. Typically, people use it when they find something particularly funny or when they want to emphasize their laughter.

Examples of ALOL used in texting:

1. Friend 1: Did you hear that joke about the music notes?
Friend 2: No, what was it?
Friend 1: It was totally flat!
Friend 2: ALOL, that's hilarious!

2. Person 1: Wait until you see the picture of my cat wearing a bowtie.
Person 2: Send it over!
Person 1: *sends picture*
Person 2: ALOL, your cat is so cute!

3. Group chat:
Friend 1: I just saw the funniest video.
Friend 2: What was it about?
Friend 1: It's a dog trying to catch his tail and falling every time.
Friend 3: ALOL, I have to see this!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "alol"

alol :
actually laughing out loud
lalol :
lots and lots of laughs
rofalol :
roll on the floor and laugh out loud
rotfalol :
roll on the floor and laugh out loud

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