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ss :

Usage of SS

In texting, the abbreviation 'SS' is used to mean 'screenshot'. A screenshot is a digital image of what is currently displayed on a phone, tablet, or computer screen. Taking a screenshot is useful for capturing information, saving a picture or a conversation, or for sharing something interesting with friends.

Examples of SS used in texting:

1. Friend 1: Hey, check out this funny meme I saw earlier!
Friend 2: Can you send me an SS of it?

2. Me: Can you send me the recipe you mentioned earlier?
Mom: Sure thing! Let me take an SS of it on my phone and I'll send it to you.

3. Colleague 1: Can you send me an update on the project we're working on?
Colleague 2: Sure! Let me take an SS of the progress chart and send it to you.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ss"

asshle :
bussin :
cless :
css :
cascading style sheets
dass :
dumb ass
deadass :
fgssu :
For Gods sake shut up
foss :
free, open source software
hss :
horse s**t and splinters
iss :
im so sorry
Issa :
It's a
iyss :
if you say so
juss :
kss :
kssd :
messg :
moss :
member of same sex
mssg :
nss :
no s**t sherlock
prncss :
pssy :
ss :
ss4l :
smoking sista for life
ssdd :
same s**t, different day
ssdp :
same s**t different pile
ssia :
subject says it all
ssl :
secure sockets layer
ssob :
stupid sons of b***hes
ssry :
so sorry
sssd :
Same s**t Same Day
sswm :
secrets safe with me
tbss :
too bad so sad
tiss :
This is some s**t
tss :
That's so sweet
twss :
That's what she said
urssb :
you are so sexy baby
ussr :
The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
wassup :
what's up?
Wss :
Why so sad
wussup :
What is up?
yrss :
you are so sexy
yss :
you stupid s**t

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