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Usage of KSS

KSS is an abbreviation used in texting which stands for ‘kiss’. It is a casual way of expressing affection or showing someone that you care about them. The use of KSS is widespread and is often used in informal communication. It is common for people to use KSS at the end of text messages to show that they are sending a kiss or to express their love. In some cases, KSS may also be used as a playful or flirty way of communicating with someone.

Examples of KSS used in texting:

1) Hey babe, just wanted to say goodnight and send some KSS your way! Can't wait to see you tomorrow.
2) Thanks for the awesome date tonight! Sending some KSS your way as a thank you.
3) Missing you already! KSS from across the miles.

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kss :
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