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cless :

Usage of CLESS

The term CLESS is an abbreviation used to describe someone who belongs to no specific clan or group. It is commonly used in online gaming communities where players form clans to work together towards a common goal. A CLESS player, on the other hand, chooses not to join any clan and instead prefers to play alone or with random players.

Examples of CLESS used in texting:
1. "I'd rather be CLESS than join a clan filled with toxic players." (Example of CLESS used in a statement)
2. "Anyone want to team up for this mission? I'm CLESS but I know what I'm doing." (Example of CLESS used in self-identification)
3. "You can't kick me out of your clan because I was never in it in the first place. I'm CLESS, remember?" (Example of CLESS used in a rebuttal)

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cless :

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