Definition & Meaning of "ISS"

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iss :
im so sorry

Usage of ISS

The abbreviation "ISS" is a shorthand for "I'm so sorry." It is often used in text messaging to express apologetic sentiments in a brief and informal way. In many cases, it can be used to express regret over a minor inconvenience or to acknowledge a mistake or error.

Examples of ISS used in texting:

1. Friend 1: "Hey, sorry I'm running late to our lunch date."
Friend 2: "No worries, ISS!"

2. Person 1: "I can't make it to the party tonight, something came up last minute."
Person 2: "Aww, ISS. Maybe we can hang out another time."

3. Coworker 1: "Hey, did you get the email I sent you yesterday?"
Coworker 2: "No, I must have missed it. ISS, can you forward it to me?"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "iss"

iss :
im so sorry
Issa :
It's a
tiss :
This is some s**t

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