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l8 :

Usage of L8

In texting, it's common to use abbreviations to save time and effort while communicating. One such abbreviation is 'L8,' which stands for 'late.' This is often used to convey that someone will be arriving or responding later than expected or previously planned. It can also be used to apologize for being late or to express frustration when someone else is running behind schedule. In general, 'L8' is a quick and convenient way to communicate about lateness or delays in a variety of contexts.

Example 1: Hey, sorry I'm going to be L8 to our meeting today. Traffic is really bad right now.
Example 2: Can you hold dinner for me? I'm running L8 from work tonight.
Example 3: Don't worry, I'll be there soon. Just running a L8 because I had to finish something up at home first.

Examples of L8 used in texting.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "l8"

2l8 :
too late
bbl8a :
Be Back Later
bcnul8r :
be seeing you later
bcurl8 :
Because you're late.
cml8r :
call me later
cul83r :
See you later
cul8er :
see you later
cul8r :
See You Later
cul8tr :
see you later
cyal8r :
see you later
cyl8 :
see you later
cyl8er :
see you later
g2bl8 :
going to be late
ilcul8r :
I'll see you later
iwsul8r :
I will see you later
l8 :
l84skool :
late for school
l8a :
l8er :
l8ers :
l8r :
see you later
l8rs :
l8rz :
l8s :
l8t :
l8ta :
l8ter :
l8tr :
mbl8r :
Maybe Later
mml8r :
meet me later
pl8 :
rul8 :
Are you late
spk2ul8r :
Speak to you later
syl8r :
see you later
t2ul8r :
talk to you later
tl8r :
talk later
tlk2ul8r :
talk to you later
tok2ul8r :
i'll talk to you later
trnsl8 :
ttul8r :
Talk to you later
ttyl8r :
talk to you later
url8 :
you are late

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