Definition & Meaning of "L8TA"

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l8ta :

Usage of L8TA

The abbreviation L8TA is commonly used in texting and social media as a shorthand for the word 'later'. It is used to indicate that someone plans on doing something, seeing someone, or communicating again at a later time. The abbreviation is particularly useful for people who want to keep their messages short and simple or who are on the go and need to type quickly.

Example of L8TA used in texting:
1. Hey, I'm going to run some errands now. I'll text you L8TA when I'm done.
2. Sorry, I can't talk right now. Let's catch up L8TA, okay?
3. Thanks for helping me with my homework. I owe you one! I'll see you L8TA.

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l8ta :

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