Definition & Meaning of "CYL8ER"

What does cyl8er mean? View the definition of cyl8er and all related slang terms containing cyl8er below:

cyl8er :
see you later

Usage of CYL8ER

The abbreviation CYL8ER is commonly used in text messages and chats to mean 'see you later'. It is a quick and casual way of saying goodbye, indicating that the person expects to see the recipient again in the future. This slang term is popular among young people and those who prefer to use informal language in their texts.

Examples of CYL8ER used in texting:

1) Hey, I gotta go now. My mom wants me to help with dinner. CYL8ER!
2) Thanks for hanging out today! We should do it again soon. CYL8ER!
3) I'm signing off for the night. Have a good one! CYL8ER.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "cyl8er"

cyl8er :
see you later

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