Definition & Meaning of "TTUL8R"

What does ttul8r mean? View the definition of ttul8r and all related slang terms containing ttul8r below:

ttul8r :
Talk to you later

Usage of TTUL8R

The abbreviation TTUL8R is commonly used in texting and messaging to convey the message 'Talk to you later'. It is often used when someone needs to end a conversation but wants to let the other person know that they will be in touch at a later time. It is a polite and friendly way of indicating that the conversation is over for the time being, but not permanently. The abbreviation is especially useful in situations where texting may not be the most convenient method of communication, such as when someone is busy or in a noisy environment.

Examples of TTUL8R used in texting:

1. Hey, I have to go to my class now. TTUL8R!
2. Sorry, I'm getting into a meeting now. TTUL8R!
3. Thanks for the chat, I have to finish up some work now. TTUL8R!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ttul8r"

ttul8r :
Talk to you later

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