Definition & Meaning of "MML8R"

What does mml8r mean? View the definition of mml8r and all related slang terms containing mml8r below:

mml8r :
meet me later

Usage of MML8R

The abbreviation MML8R is commonly used in text messaging and online chat to mean "meet me later". It is a shorthand way of communicating a plan to meet up with someone at a later time. When using MML8R, it is important to clarify the location and time of the meeting, as well as any other details that may be relevant.

Examples of MML8R used in texting:

1. Hey, I'm running late for our lunch date. Can we MML8R at the park instead of the restaurant?
(Example of MML8R used to change the location of a meeting)

2. Sorry, I can't talk right now. Can you MML8R to discuss the project?
(Example of MML8R used to schedule a later conversation)

3. I'm hanging out with my family right now, but I'm free later tonight. Wanna MML8R at the bar around 9?
(Example of MML8R used to make plans for a later time)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "mml8r"

mml8r :
meet me later

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