Definition & Meaning of "L8A"

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l8a :

Usage of L8A

The abbreviation 'L8A' is commonly used in texting and messaging to mean 'later.' It is a shortened version of the word 'later' and is used to indicate that the person will speak to the receiver or meet them at a later time. 'L8A' is a convenient way to let someone know that you will talk with them at a later time, without having to type out the entire word 'later.'

Examples of L8A used in texting:

1) Example of L8A used in texting: "Gotta run to class now, but I'll call you later. L8A!"
2) Example of L8A used in texting: "Can't meet up today, but I'm free tomorrow. L8A!"
3) Example of L8A used in texting: "I'll finish this work and then we can catch up, ok? L8A!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "l8a"

bbl8a :
Be Back Later
l8a :

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