"YK" Definition & Meaning

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yk :
you kidding

What does yk mean?

yk means "you kidding"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "yk"

ayk :
are you kidding
aykm :
are you kidding me
baggkyko :
be a good girl, keep your knickers on
bykt :
But you knew that
dyk :
did you know
fyk :
for your knowledge
hyk :
how you know
ilykthnxbai :
i love you k thanks bye
ilymtyk :
i love you more than you know
ioyk :
if only you knew
iykwim :
if you know what I mean
j2lyk :
just to let you know
jsyk :
Just so you know
jtlyk :
just to let you know
jwtlyk :
Just wanted to let you know
kyko :
keep your knickers on
lyk :
lyk3 :
lyke :
myke :
omgykkyb :
oh my god you killed kenny you b*****ds
tlyk :
to let you know
yk :
you kidding
yki :
You know it
ykisa :
Your knight in shining armor
ykm :
You're killing me
ykn :
you know nothing
ykw :
You Know What
ykwim :
you know what I mean
ykwya :
you know who you are
ykywywm :
you know you wish you were me

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