Definition & Meaning of "LYK"

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lyk :

Usage of LYK

The abbreviation LYK is commonly used in texting and messaging to mean 'like.' It is a shorthand way of expressing agreement or appreciation for something someone has said or posted. For example, if someone shares a photo of their new puppy, someone might respond with "Awww, LYK so cute!" to convey that they find the puppy adorable. Similarly, if someone asks if you want to hang out, you might respond with "LYK sure, what do you want to do?"

Examples of LYK used in texting:

1. Person A: Have you seen the new movie yet?
Person B: No, but I LYK want to! Is it good?

2. Person A: I cannot wait for our trip next week!
Person B: LYK same! I am so excited.

3. Person A: Did you see that hilarious meme I sent you?
Person B: LYK yes! It had me cracking up.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "lyk"

ilykthnxbai :
i love you k thanks bye
j2lyk :
just to let you know
jtlyk :
just to let you know
jwtlyk :
Just wanted to let you know
lyk :
lyk3 :
lyke :
tlyk :
to let you know

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