Definition & Meaning of "OMGYKKYB"

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omgykkyb :
oh my god you killed kenny you b*****ds


The abbreviation OMGYKKYB is a reference to a popular catchphrase from the television show South Park. In the show, the character Kenny dies in almost every episode, and his friends often respond with "Oh my God, you killed Kenny! You b*****ds!" The abbreviation OMGYKKYB is a shorthand way of expressing this sentiment.

Example of OMGYKKYB used in texting:
1. Friend 1: Did you hear about what happened to Brian?
Friend 2: No, what happened?
Friend 1: He got hit by a car while riding his bike!
Friend 2: OMGYKKYB, that's terrible!

2. Mom: Did you finish your homework yet?
Kid: No, I'm working on it now.
Mom: You better hurry up, it's getting late.
Kid: OMGYKKYB, I forgot about it!

3. Roommate 1: Hey, did you eat the last slice of pizza?
Roommate 2: Yeah, I was hungry.
Roommate 1: OMGYKKYB, that was supposed to be for both of us!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "omgykkyb"

omgykkyb :
oh my god you killed kenny you b*****ds

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