Definition & Meaning of "YKB"

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ykb :
you know better

Usage of YKB

The abbreviation YKB is commonly used in texting to imply that the person being addressed already knows the answer to the question or the solution to the problem. In essence, it means 'you know better' and usually signifies that the person texting doesn't want to come off as pushy or demanding. This abbreviation is also used to show that the person trusts the judgment of the one being addressed, and so they are leaving the decision-making or problem-solving to them.

Examples of YKB used in texting:

1. Person A: Should I wear my red or black dress tonight?

Person B: YKB which one looks better on you.

2. Person A: I'm thinking of applying for this new job, but I'm not sure if I should.

Person B: YKB if you're ready for a change in your career.

3. Person A: Do you think I should buy this new phone or stick with my old one?

Person B: YKB which phone meets your needs and budget best.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ykb"

ykb :
you know better

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