Definition & Meaning of "FI"

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fi :
f**k it

Usage of FI

FI is an abbreviation that stands for 'f**k it', which is often used to express the sentiment of giving up on an activity or a situation. It is also used to express a lack of interest in a particular topic, or as an expression of carelessness.

Sample Text Messages:

1. I'm so tired, FI it
2. I don't have the motivation to keep going, FI
3. This project is taking too long, FI it I'm out

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "fi"

bfitww :
best friend in the whole world
cfid :
check for identification
effin :
effing :
fi :
f**k it
fi9 :
fibijar :
f**k it buddy, I'm just a reserve
fifo :
first in, first out
fify :
Fixed It For You
figjam :
f**k I'm good, just ask me
figmo :
F*ck it - got my orders
fiic :
f**ked If I Care
fiik :
f**ked If I Know
fimh :
forever in my heart
finna :
fitting to
finsta :
fake instagram
fio :
figure it out
fitb :
fill in the blank
fiv :
fyfi :
For Your f**king Information
gafi :
get away from it
gfi :
good f**king idea
hmfic :
head mother f**ker in charge
iafi :
I am from India
jdfi :
Just f**king do it
jfi :
just forget it
jyfihp :
jam your finger in her p***y
lofi :
nefing :
nfi :
no f**king idea
nofi :
No Flame Intended
nuffin :
nufin :
obgjfioyo :
old but good job finding it on your own
omgwtfit :
Oh my God, what the f**k is that
sfipmp :
so funny I peed my pants
sumfin :
tfic :
Tongue Firmly In Cheek
tfiik :
the f**k if i know
tgfitw :
The Greatest Fans In The World
tmwfi :
Take my word for it
tyfi :
Thank You for invite
ufia :
unsolicited finger in the anus
Unsolicited Finger in Chili
wtfigo :
what the f**k is going on
wtfigoh :
what the f**k is going on here
wtfit :
what the f**k is that
wtfits :
what the f**k is this s**t
wtfiu :
what the f**k is up
wtfiup :
what the f**k is your problem
wtfiuwy :
what the f**k is up with you
wtfiwwu :
what the f**k is wrong with you
wtfiwwy :
what the f**k is wrong with you
wtfiyp :
what the f**k is your problem
yafi :
you're a f**king idiot
yfi :
you f**king idiot

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