Definition & Meaning of "FIGMO"

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figmo :
F*ck it - got my orders

Usage of FIGMO

The abbreviation FIGMO is a slang phrase commonly used to express a sense of relief or acceptance about following through with a particular task or following an order. It implies that the person has made a decision to let go of any reservations or doubts they may have had about the situation and simply move forward. It's often used in situations where someone has been given an order or task to complete, and they may have initially felt hesitant or uncertain about it. The phrase indicates that the person has reached a point where they are willing to accept their responsibilities and move forward without any further second-guessing.

Examples of FIGMO used in texting:
1. Just got off the phone with my boss, and he wants me to work overtime this weekend. FIGMO, I need the money!
2. My landlord just gave me a 30-day notice to leave my apartment, but I found a new place already. FIGMO, time to start packing.
3. My parents want me to help them move this weekend, but I was hoping to go out of town. FIGMO, family comes first.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "figmo"

figmo :
F*ck it - got my orders

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