Definition & Meaning of "CFID"

What does cfid mean? View the definition of cfid and all related slang terms containing cfid below:

cfid :
check for identification

Usage of CFID

CFID is an abbreviation that stands for "check for identification." It is commonly used when someone needs to verify a person's identity or age before proceeding with a transaction or event. CFID is often used in retail, hospitality, and security industries where it is necessary to ensure that the correct person is being served or admitted. By using CFID, it is easier for staff to check for identification and avoid any mistakes or legal issues that may arise from serving or admitting the wrong person.

Examples of CFID used in texting:

1. "Hey, can you CFID before serving that customer? They look underage."
2. "Make sure to CFID everyone entering the club tonight - we can't afford any underage guests."
3. "I'm about to process this credit card payment but I need you to CFID the customer first."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "cfid"

cfid :
check for identification

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