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RT :

RT means "retweet"


Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "RT"

alrt :
brt :
be right there
dnrta :
did not read the article
dnrtfa :
did not read the f**king article
dtrt :
do the right thing
grtg :
Getting ready to go
idkwurta :
I don't know what you are talking about.
idrts :
I don't really think so
irt :
in reply to
irtf :
I'll return the favor
lrt :
last retweet
meatcurtain :
woman's private parts
pitrtul :
parents in the room text you later
prty :
prvrt :
purty :
RT :
rta :
read the article
rtard :
rtbq :
Read The Blinking Question
rtf :
return the favor
rtfa :
read the f**king article
rtffp :
Read the f**king front page
rtfm :
read the f**king manual
rtfmfm :
read the f**king manual f**king moron
rtfmm :
read the f**king manual moron
rtfms :
Read The f**king Manual Stupid
rtfp :
read the f**king post
rtfq :
Read The f**king Question
rtfs :
read the f**king summary
rtfu :
Ready the f**k up
rtg :
ready to go
rtl :
report the loss
rtm :
read the manual
rtr :
Read the Rules
rtry :
rts :
Real-time strategy
scrt :
sorta :
sort of
un4rtun8ly :
urtb :
you are the best
urtbitw :
You are the best in the world!
urtrd :
you ret*rd
urtw :
you are the worst
wrt :
with regard to
wrtg :
wrthls :

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