Definition & Meaning of "IRTF"

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irtf :
I'll return the favor

Usage of IRTF

The abbreviation IRTF is commonly used in texting as a way to express willingness to reciprocate a favor. It's a quick and convenient abbreviation that can be used in casual conversations to indicate that you'll return the favor someone has done for you. For instance, if someone offers to help you with a task, you can simply reply with "IRTG" to show your gratitude and willingness to do something in return. Similarly, if you borrow something from a friend, you can promise to return it with "IRTG". Overall, IRTF is a great way to communicate that you're grateful and willing to reciprocate kindness.

Examples of IRTF used in texting:

1) Hey, thanks for helping me with my homework. IRTF by helping you study for the upcoming exam.
2) Could you lend me your notes from yesterday's class? I promise I'll return them after class. IRTF.
3) Thanks for inviting me over for dinner. It was great! Let me know if there's anything I can do in return. IRTF.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "irtf"

irtf :
I'll return the favor

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