Definition & Meaning of "LRT"

What does lrt mean? View the definition of lrt and all related slang terms containing lrt below:

lrt :
last retweet

Usage of LRT

The abbreviation LRT stands for "Last Retweet" and refers to the most recent tweet that a user has shared on their Twitter account. Essentially, it is a way to reference the tweet that someone has most recently shared without having to type out the entire tweet or its URL. This can be useful when you want to reference something that someone has recently shared, or when you want to share a tweet but don't want to share an older, outdated post.

Examples of LRT used in texting:

1. Example of LRT used in texting: "OMG did you see what @KimKardashian posted? #LRT"
2. Example of LRT used in texting: "Hey, can you send me the URL of your latest blog post? I missed it when you shared it. #LRT"
3. Example of LRT used in texting: "I just checked out @Nike's latest ad campaign and it's amazing! #LRT"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "lrt"

alrt :
lrt :
last retweet

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