Definition & Meaning of "PRVRT"

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prvrt :

Usage of PRVRT

The abbreviation PRVRT is a shortened version of the word 'pervert'. A pervert is someone who has deviant sexual desires or practices. This term is often used to describe someone who engages in inappropriate or offensive sexual behavior, such as voyeurism, exhibitionism, or sexual harassment.

Examples of PRVRT used in texting:

1) "Hey, did you hear about that PRVRT who got caught filming people in the public restroom?"
- Example of PRVRT used in texting: Informing someone about a pervert who committed a crime.

2) "I can't believe he sent me those explicit photos. What a PRVRT!"
- Example of PRVRT used in texting: Expressing disgust towards someone who sent inappropriate photos.

3) "I caught my neighbor spying on me through the window. He's such a PRVRT."
- Example of PRVRT used in texting: Describing someone who engaged in inappropriate or offensive behavior.

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prvrt :

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